Medication Errors Lead To Wrongful Death In Minnesota Nursing Home

A Minnesota man in the Owatonna Care Center died after nursing home employees made a series of mistakes with his medication. For ten days the resident wasn’t given his proper medication. Then, almost as if to make up for it, he was given 10 times his proper dosage. He didn’t survive the overdose.

Family members told the Minnesota star Tribune that they were never told about the medication errors or the fact that the death was ever under investigation. Nursing home administrators denied this claim. Days passed before the overdose was discovered.

According to state investigators, “26 omitted doses of the medication occurred with multiple employees over several days.” Minnesota law stipulates that nursing homes must disclose medication errors. It’s a law that’s common in most states, but the term “notification” covers a lot of ground. The extent of the error may never be disclosed without a proper legal investigation.

Nurses are trained to check a patient, medication, dosage, time, and medication form each time they administer a medication. When they fail to do so, residents can be seriously injured or killed. This checklist is where every medication error investigation begins.

If you have a loved one who has been injured or killed due to a medication error in an Illinois nursing home, you need an experienced attorney who is familiar with investigating these types of errors. At my law firm, we offer a free and confidential evaluation to all potential clients. And remember, we never charge any fee unless we take and win your case.

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